When words fail...try chocolate.

How to shine in the midst of uncomfortable change

2020 has been a challenging year and it can seem especially difficult to take comfort when the world seems to be rocking our foundations.

It is a time of huge transformation and change and the more fluctuation and unpredictability I see on the outside the more I am driven to find solace in connecting with my inner peace. 

So try to be gentle with yourself. Spend time in nature, get the hugs in where you can, eat chocolate and find the people and places that bring peace and joy to your being. Keep positive in the face of uncertainty and be the one who stays open when the tightness is sticking it's claws in.

Just wishing you the best and I encourage you to stay strong, stay light and open. Don't let the fear overwhelm you. Convert it into something brighter and then shine with all your might!

with love,

Hilly xx