When words fail...try chocolate.

Full moon cravings

Hi people,

I crave chocolate almost all the time. I crave chocolate especially around the full moon, when I am pre-menstrual and when I am low on energy.

There are good explanations for that but when it comes to the crunch I don’t care why, I just have a burning need to have chocolate.

Take today (tomorrow is the full moon)….all of the above reasons apply to me right now. I am almost unconsciously craving chocolate! This morning, I bought a ‘pain au chocolat’ (French pastry with two strips of chocolate inside) whilst doing my errands. Then, I checked the kitchen for a bar of chocolate that might be lying around as soon as I got home only to find my joy in a bowl of granola with chocolate chips. It was still not good enough.

So where was my Bon bean chocolate you might well be asking? As Founder and Manager there must be some close by?

Yes. It’s there,  in the wine cellar and because I was too busy and too hungry, craving and tired I couldn’t be bothered to get the key and go down and find a bar. Can you believe it?

Well, in the end, I did satisfy my craving and am feeling much happier with my bar of dark phoenix next to me!!

So today’s lesson is: keep your chocolate stash at hand.