When words fail...try chocolate.

Spring Cleaning - making space for the new

Throw the windows open and let the fresh air in. Catch some sunrays and see the garden bristling with new life.


It’s the time of year for spring cleaning, decluttering and detoxing. This can be done on many levels: in your home, in your garden, in your office and in your body. We all feel good after a spring clean, getting the air circulating, the energy flowing and sweeping out stagnation makes space for the new. 


Since 2018, Bon Bean has been helping out with sugar-free chocolate-based snacks for Christine Kjeldbjerg’s Reboot and Cleanse programme (see www.ck-health.com). It is an inspiring, well-researched programme designed to inform, educate and support participants and guide them through a full liver cleanse.


The approved ingredients list is long and full of healthy stuff but since we’re taking out gluten, sugar, dairy, eggs and all fruits except apples and pears, the challenge is making a tasty healthy alternative to a sweet treat like cake or chocolate.


These dipped pears are really popular, very simple to make but I’m still perfecting them every year. One day I might even make a business with them, but all in good time.


COMING UP: I'll be posting some recipes for more healthy snacks that you can make at home and start making some good habits.