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Spring equinox - unfolding with ritual connection


The spring Equinox has launched the new cycle of the astrological year and marks new beginnings in our lives.

We are witnessing a time of constant state of flux, change and transformation. This might appear absolute, radical and scary but it is inevitable and it’s for the best. 

Engaging in the right way with this movement can produce an unfolding experience rather than a punch in the stomach from rapid unwanted change.

When my astrologer claims that the spring equinox sets the tone for the year ahead, it’s good news for Bon Bean as I’m feeling a surge of renewal in the direction of my occupation and purpose as a person on the earth right now. What do you feel? 

This spring-like surge of energy manifests visibly in the material realm as a creative force governed by the laws of time, gravity, matter etc. This is what I call my 3D experience. 

Secondly, there is the more permanent 5d experience: altogether different, fresh, fully present; an underlying state of effortless pure awareness and intelligence.

The burning question: How to access and live permanently from, in and with this state of being and how to make this the source of all my interactions and actions in the world? 

The mind, the subconscious divider between these two realms, is a powerful influencer. This is where the true challenges lie: in the work of finding ourself beyond these influences. It’s easy to attach our self-identity to the constructs of the mind, but we are vastly more expansive than such limiting thoughts and behaviours.

So, one way of unfolding into my path is to find a balance in my experience as a multidimensional being. Ultimately, allowing a vibrant love force to work through me as a person without being limited to my 'personhood'. I’m committed to surrendering to that force and to being aware that the capricious mind and it’s distracting influences are the veil that keeps me from experiencing that fully. But how?

Surrender is a powerful tool but not so easy to put into action. I feel that the most powerful way forward is through ritual and a commitment to connect with source at least once a day in a meaningful way. 

My first yoga teacher said to me « just get on the mat ». Best advice I’ve ever had when beginning anything and aiming for great things. Even some small effort, no matter how seemingly insignificant, makes an impact. That is the key to ritual. 

So, the power of ritual. It can be applied to anything and demands the following: 

Sacred place

Sacred time (Set aside a time, reinforce it by regular repetition)

Connection - use sound, words, intentions

Practice - use actions, gestures, movement

Seal the connection - sense of touch or act of eating, drinking

I’ll go into more detail later, but for now, hold on tight, it’s going to be another big year so good luck with your new beginnings and I hope your rituals keep you anchored. Happy Spring Equinox, Hilly x